Sound of the Severn: Views of the Thames::Barrow Hill, Gurney Muse.

Here is a video taken near Framilode. Watch the currents of the Severn flow by.

On Wednesday of last week (17/8), we had another family outing upon the River Thames from London Bridge to Greenwich.

Here is the clipper, coming to pick us up.

One of the many stops was the Tower of London.

London is growing upwards and continues to impress.

Further news on what we did at Greenwich in the next posting.


Yesterday (20/7) I made my way following the Arlingham Skylark Trail to Barrow Hill.

" Oh what a place! Blue river and golden sand,
and blue-black hills - in fine weather, of course"
Letter from Ivor Gurney to Marion Scott, June !913.

Barrow Hill

Through ripening corn stalks,
into verdant pasture land
passing somnolent bovines who watch clouds;
knowing rain will  arrive, ere the march is over.

Cross a lane and ascend,
 skylark pointing the way
atop  the barrow; to espy with Gurney's
sight, and  tear-stained eye;
the sensual Severn curve endlessly
whispering, with flowing emotion to
its mistress the sea.

Oh joy at the beckoning hills of Malvern and Dean,
at border's edge and closer,  the meadow lands;
so gentle to the feet of passing walkers.
Such bliss to feel a fresh breeze springing  up and
restore  faith, in the eternal values,
 of season and rebirth.

Life is made from such moments as these,
on Barrow Hill: where skylarks
dance amongst the cows.

Ck 21/8/'11

Have a good peaceful week.


  1. Why are there no pictures of Gurney Muse?

  2. Ivor Gurney was a war poet. He loved Glouestershire and especially the Severn Meadows. This poem of mine traces the steps on one of his favourite walks on Barrow Hill. The view from this hill is mostly, except for pylons, unchanged. I tried to covey his feelings as he looked over this exceptional view; which is not widely known. The only muse was mine.


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