Byrds Flying: Water Water: Festival Coming.

Friday February 1st

There are always some records/CDs in the collection; that one always goes back to. Such a record was " The Notorious Byrd Brothers "

There it is, in its full glory. Love the Horse don't you?
 The three pictured are guitarist Roger ( Jim) McGuinn; bassist Chris Hillman and drummer Michael Clarke.

Goin' Back

What a great start to the record.

 Saturday, February 2nd

In rather an extraordinary  fashion reminiscent of  'Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours " their best known album;' Notorious Byrd Brothers ' was also created in the midst of internal turmoil, that found them reduced to a duo (  Clarke left in January 1968 ) by the time the record was completed.
But I believe it was one of their best crafted records' It was certainly their most experimental effort; under the guidance of producer  Gary Usher; using segues and fades; electronic swashes and even a Moog synthesizer for the track " Space Odyssey. "
Indeed, so beguiled by the harmonies and ' country feel ', it was only relatively recently,  that I realised " Draft Morning, " peered into the mind of a young soldier being shipped off to Vietnam and further was a subtle and effective reflection of the horrors of war.
In short this is a beautiful record, to which I have given many plays over the years.


Last Sunday ( 27/ 1 ) I visited Lower Lode, near Tewkesbury, where I  found much evidence of standing water as these two photographs show.

We need a prolonged period of dry weather, as the Spring tides are likely  to exacerbate matters still further.


With six weeks to go to the Cheltenham  National Hunt Festival, I braved the cold wind and had a walk around part of the course: Here are  some shots I took.

So keep warm in the week ahead and enjoy that bright blue sky, while it's there.



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