Desktop Returns; Bits and Pieces.

Thanks to a new power source, my Mac is back in business. I have thus as promised,  added extra photos, words and a sound link to my my two previous postings.

I like this notion:" A Problem is only a solution waiting to be resolved. " It puts a positive spin on things, which allows you to go forward in the right spirit.

i was impressed yesterday  ( 7 /5 ) when I received notification that I needed to obtain a new -style ( since 1998) photo driving licence.

I thought with my Mac back in harness I would apply for my licence online. My only worry was obtaining a photo of myself. This can be a headache getting all the criteria correct and I inwardly groaned.
Imagine then my surprise  when I learned that as long as it was still a reasonable likeness, the DVLA would use my passport photo on my new driving licence and as I had only re -applied  for my passport a couple of years ago, the likeness was fine. What a great solution ! Problem solved.

Another saying I've recently come across is this : Life is not defined by the number of  breaths that you take, but by the number of times your breath is taken away! "
 How true that is. Recently I took my eight month Granddaughter in my arms and gazed down at the miracle of a new life; truly breathtaking.!

My heart also takes a leap at the spring blossom that adorns our trees at this time. Here is my cherry and pear tree in full display.

Nature never lets you down, does it?

I was able to do my  May morning tree waking ceremony;

" Bear well and Bud well and Wake up in the Morning!"

This time in Crane Park Twickenham, a green wild- space created by the council and volunteers .

Always a satisfying thing to do and another mark of the season.

 I will leave you with a little tree fun from Dursley which I espied recently

Cheerio for now,


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