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There is a need to
build up
Large or small,
Which appear  ephemeral  
To many, but to us are personal treasures
Bringing a sense of ownership.
a physical manifestation 
of our personality.

With me it was recorded sounds, so
Records and tapes 
quickly filled  my living space

And now, tunes are stored  in virtual boxes 
upon virtual shelves in my virtual library, 
remaining in cyberspace

to be accessed
 via a click or swipe
Like these words 
on my virtual blog.

C k 29/05/'16


The shots below were taken in Tewkesbury last Friday ( 27 / 05 / '16 ) at the back of the Avon looking over at the Severn Ham a preserved site of scientific interest. The meadowland looked verdant and flourishing.

Blossom before the field.

Flowers spotted by the canal side.

No shooting! Has Dodge City come to Tewkesbury?

The Ham in all its glory.


 My thought for the week comes  from Don Van Vliet ( AKA Captain Beefheart )

Asked if he had a working routine, Van Vliet answers, " Life."

Cheerio for now,


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