Champion Mistakes:Positivity Strikes Again; Marina Calling.

The Football League season (2015 /6 ) is coming to a conclusion, with only the Premier League to finish their final games this Sunday ( 15 / 5 /  ). It has been a strange topsy-turvy one, which still has two of the richest clubs in the country, Manchester City and United, battling it out to ensure places in the European Champions League , qualification being a top four finish. Both teams considered this a rite of passage. It is looking like one will fail- oh dear!

Here are my promotion candidates  for the Sky Bet Championship at the start of the season and their actual finishing places.

Middlesborough           2nd         Promoted
Wolves                          14th
Bristol City                   18th

As you can see,I hardly covered myself with glory, with the last two teams having a very ordinary season.
Oh well, better luck next season.


As you know I like the idea  of putting a positive spin on things, so I was intrigued by Bjorn Lomborg's defence of global warming, which I see as one of our greatest dangers to the future of our planet.
 Mr Lomborg points out that as temperatures rise, people will die in heatwaves, so far, so good, but then he goes on to say that because of this rise, fewer people will die of cold. One study for England and Wales shows that heat kills 1,500 annually and cold kills 32,000. He concludes his argument by saying that by the 2080s increased heatwaves will kill nearly 5,000 in a comparable population, but ' cold deaths ' will have dropped by 10,000 and thus a net gain of 6,500 lives.
 There you are, always another side to an argument.


Actual sea to the right of the barrier

Wide broad pavement enabling a walk through

Sea on the left looking towards the town. Flags in the distance

While the sea looks hardly enticing, the 200m Marine Lake at Clevedon Somerset, using sea water looks far more inviting. It was finally restored at a cost of over £800,000 in January of this year
and with the sun shining last Thursday ( 12 /  5 ) D. and I had a pleasant stroll around the lake.

It is a multi-purpose resource allowing little boys to poke their small nets into the water and bigger boys to launch their remote controlled craft, whilst those, who  would aspire to wild-water swimming propel  themselves across the lake, backwards and forwards dreaming of crossing the channel (Bristol ?).   On special days sailing also occurs.

Clevedon is a small Victorian Town. It is mostly unassuming with  a British charm. You sense the solid stone residences looking down from the hill and daring the tourists to find seaside enjoyment here.
 It is of course left to old folk like ourselves to totter around on their sticks, taking in the Marine walk and perhaps extending their way towards the town and pier. Coffees are drunk and daydreams  dreamt.
D. and I  found such  a cafe  'The Tiffin,' within sight of the pier. We sat outside and savoured the warmth in a relaxed atmosphere, combined with an excellent selection of teas ( always a good pointer to the quality of the establishment ). I had a most refreshing pot of Sencha Green Tea. This is tea made from the whole tea leaves, which are needle in shape. This gives a less astringent taste than the usual powdered variety.

Note the colour of the tea pot- nice touch.

Found in the  'rest room ' a Japanese cup poster. 

This remarkable beverage rounded off a splendid day in the sun.


And as that annoying cartoon character said " That's all folks!'
Enjoy the week ahead, catch the sun while it shines and I  leave you with a Beefheart 'translator '. Find out your 'handle '.

Your Beefheart Name

Cheerio for now,
Intrepid Octafish.


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