Literary stuff and a few words.

Took these at the Cheltenham Literary Festival Today 13/10/'12. Thought I was doing well,
 not spending; but foolishly visited the bookshop; where upon just as I was leaving I spotted a book  " Grimm's Household Tales " illustrated by Mervyn Peake, and first published in 1946,( like me 66 years old.)
As we  know I collect the Late Mr. Peake and so made the purchase.

To remind you; here are some of Mervyn's wonderful drawings:


Last Wednesday (10/10/'12 ) D. and I went to Dursley  for our dental checkup. On the way there, we stopped at Coaley View-point and took these views

It reminded me of this poem by F. W. Harvey.

" I'm homesick for my hills again
My hills again!
To see above the Severn plain
Unscabbarded against the sky
The blue high blade of Cotswold lie;
The giant clouds go royally
By jagged Malvern with a train
Of shadows. Where the land is low
like a huge imprisoning O
I hear a heart that's sound and high,
I hear the heart within me Cry:
'I'm homesick for my hills again
My hills again!
Cotswold or Malvern, sun or rain
My hills again! ' "


Whilst we were in Dursley, I noticed these hanging baskets in the central Market Hall.

Under the archway,
Chained to the roof,
A hanging basket.

The blooms had peaked
In radiance,
But still gave an uplift
To the grey
Surrounds of the market hall.

As we flower through youth
We shine with  future hopes,
Until resolution in middle age,
Brings growth  and stability.

But like the baskets, as we
Fade with age, we will still
Give pleasure to those who
Pass by.

Ck. 13/10

So another week passes by  and we begin to feel the winter chill. Hopefully some bright days ahead of us.



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