A Skitch in Time: Evesham: Rise of Robins

Shaven Crown

Introducing "Skitch;" this  is a little program, which allows me to put graphics onto photos and  place simple drawings. I am in the process of learning what to do with it, but hopefully of use in the future.

This series of photographs were taken at, or nearby The Shaven Crown  Hotel at Shipton- Under Wychwood, in Oxfordshire.

The reason for their inclusion, was because many of my relatives are gathering there shortly for a family reunion and therefore as my family will be attending, D. and I wanted to check it out.

It is a 700 year old property and not surprising showing signs of wear.
I have to say, that upon our cursory examination, the reception area seemed devoid of staff and the outside toilets, shall we say, seemed in need of attention.
We did not linger there long.


After visiting  The Crown,  we made our way to nearby Burford, a Cotswold Town with one main street, with many shops, indecently priced goods ( £275 for gents' leather boots ! ) and a sprinkling of charity shops, where the local populace offload last years'  clothes and books.

But, having said all that, it does have a large  car park, which as long as one does not stay longer than twelve hours is absolutely FREE. Good Show, What ! as the Major might say.

Adjacent to the car park, D. found an attractive house with plants for sale.

The plants were reasonably priced and so we purchased  a laurel evergreen shrub for our borders at home.


Cheltenham Town AFC ( The Robins )  or #CTFC as we tweeters like to add, celebrated last year 125 years of football. I know that fact, because I bought the shirt. 
Warning, those with a nervous disposition, scroll quickly scroll downwards!

I am currently reading " Cheltenham Town - The Rise of The Robins " by Peter Matthews & Mark Halliwell.
It is remarkable that it was only, as recently as 1996 that the Robins made the Conference, one tier below the Football League.  To secure this position, they had to ward off opposition, which included local team Gloucester City, who now subsequently have fallen to the ' Blue Square Bet Conference North'  and hold the dubious distinction of being the largest city never to represented in the Football League. Cheltenham, meanwhile joined the Football league in 1999 and since that date ascended twice to League One status (relegated the same season in '02  ) and then spending three seasons ('06-'08 ) in this elevated position.
They are currently third in League Two and hopefully vying promotion again in '13.
This position owes much to the chairmanship of Paul Baker, who under his guidance has kept the club in a stable financial fashion, whilst at the same time making excellent ground improvements.
Well done Sir !


To finish the blog,  this week, here are two pictures taken yesterday (27/10 ) at cold, windy, but bright Evesham.

Stop Press  
               I am indebted to fellow tweeter and friend Rob Hattersley for bringing to my attention,  news of a fatal disease affecting the lovely Ash Tree. It was first noticed in this country eight months ago; having previously destroyed 90% of trees in Denmark.

As I write, no import restrictions have been imposed here and the future for these trees is appalling.
Let us hope the spread of this disease can be halted, but I fear it already may be too late.

Please read this excellent piece from the Guardian for more information.

Ash Trees

Apologies for ending upon such a sad note, but I felt it incumbent, as a tree-lover to mention this dreadful state of affairs.

Well the clocks have gone back, bringing the darkness nearer in the evening. Winter draws on.
As usual, enjoy the week, but continue to walk in the light.



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