Toys for the Boys

Visited Snowshill Manor,near Broadway today.
I noticed near the Restaurant, an unusual replica wind toy, with back-up electric motor.

Snowshill Manor houses the amazing collection of Mr. Charles Wade, with over 22,000 objects; including toys.

Above is the original toy model, suspended from the ceiling in the attic of the Manor.

The replica was built by volunteer Barry Silcock and took over seven years to construct.
Although, it has been up for a season, it still has problems when the wind gets up, and conversely, when the wind dies, it needs a heavier  weight to start the electric motor up.

It still looks mighty impressive though.

As interesting as the Wade collection is;  I prefer the Manor Garden with  many arresting borders.

Also because the Manor is positioned, near the top of the Cotswold escarpment, there is always the valley to look down upon.

See also : New Bits: Cotswold Coda 12/07/'10.

Further information will be found at:

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  1. That's an unusual thing they have there!

  2. It always impresses me that people are willing to spend so much of their time and effort to produce such an item. I'm sure the late Mr. Charles Wade would have approved. CK.


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