Tuesday Glory: Spring is Coming

When Tuesdays are glorious; the birds sing; the sun shines; the bright colours come out to play and all is well with the world.
Such a day was Tuesday, February 8th, at eleven  'o ' clock, when I fetched up at the Sherborne National Trust Estate.

This sign looked promising, but as I made my way out of the car park and into the woodland, no snowdrops were to be seen.

But although the woods were still sleeping in the shade, some catkins were  in view.

Reaching the road and turning right, I soon came by the nature reserve, with its gentle meandering stream.

When I reached the nearby church, I beheld  my first snowdrops; a wonderful domesticated array of white, interspersed with yellow crocus.

My route then took me, from the road, back into the estate.
Here, through the effect of the sun shining on the ground; were further miracles before me as I walked back to the car.
  A selection of images for you.

All that was left to complete this excellent morning, was a pint of Samuel Smith's Dark Stout,
at the nearby " Mill Inn "  at Withington.

N.R.   " The Shape Of Water" by Andrea Camilleri ( Trans. Stephen Sartarelli ); being the last of the Inspector Montalbano Mysteries, as furnished to me from the local library.
 These books set in Sicily are the perfect antidote to our damp, cold and wet winter. In Sicily the sun always seems to shine and Inspector Salvo Montalbano's private and professional life seems as intimate as the froth on a cappuccino. They are all engagingly written with humour and pace.
Montalbano can seemingly drop a case at a moments notice to indulge in his passion for food; especially sea-food. I've never had a red mullet, but I want one now. This series is warmly recommended; Molto bene.

N.P. " Admiral Fell Promises " by Sun Kil Moon; my album of last year.  SKM (Mark Kozelek) wrote, produced, performed,  and released this record on his label.  He has managed to incorporate the flamenco style of guitar playing into  the pop genre. A remarkable record that grows with each hearing. Not a duff track either. See SKM perform on my video bar.




  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. In answer to your question about the Eldridge Hotel, it was built in 1925. It was built by Colonel Shalor Eldridge. See this url - http://www.historichotels.org/hotel/Eldridge_Hotel/257

  2. Thanks Regina,
    Much appreciated.


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