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When Andy Murray won the  Men's Final at Wimbledon last year, the dam burst and Britain began winning at sports, that previously we had little or no success in.

Thus it was that yesterday ( 14 / 2 )  Lizzy Yarnold from Kent won gold for the Skeleton at the Winter Olympics At Sochi in Russia. This sport, consists of flinging yourself face down upon a small board and then hurtling downwards on a ice track and in so doing,  picking up speeds of up to 80mph. Not for the faint-hearted.
I was interested to learn that some of her formative training was achieved  on a dry slope in the 'ski resort ' of Bath. There is no doubt that the training and coaching of such sports has progressed on an upward curve. As with cycling, we are, as a nation getting a reputation for world class sports scientists.

Football  News.

Both my teams; Newcastle United and Cheltenham Town, are experiencing a fallow period.

Newcastle has lost the last three games and in doing so, let in 10 goals.
Their current record, in the Premier League shows 11 wins;  4 draws and 11 losses. They are in 9th place with 37 points.

Cheltenham Town, meanwhile,  in their last four matches have drawn three and lost one.
Their record highlights the scope of the problem. Win 8; Drawn 12; lost 10.

Clearly they are drawing too many matches and losing points in the process. Worse they are conceding many goals in the last quarter of the game.

It is to be hoped that both teams will re-capture better form in the near future.


Cheltenham Expects -- Tide, like form will always turn. The water will retreat and dry land will promote confidence again COYR


Last Monday ( 10 / 2 ) K. and I visited  The Sandford Park Alehouse in Cheltenham's High Street.

As the title suggests, the building is adjacent to Sandford Park and one feels will come into its own in the summertime, when the beer garden  opens  up onto the vista of the park.

The bar area itself is airy and contemporary. The bar shows a excellent  selection of real ales; with guest beers seen.
The Alehouse purports to be a connoisseur's  beer drinkers place and with good  discreet table seating;  a vote in favour  by Camra and an elegant website,  it has every chance of success. ****


Last Thursday ( 13 / 02 / '14 )  with the weather relenting at last, I took a stroll around Cheltenham and found the flower borders in Imperial Gardens,  in splendid condition.

Finally I found this Valentine Day's chant from Great Rissington from the 1870s. The children having gone around village with tiny flowers, before the commencement of morning school.

"Good morrow to you, Valentine,
I'll be yours if you'll be mine.
Give us a penny and save us all.
One for Peter and one for Paul,
          And one for the little boy over the wall. "

Source "Folklore of Gloucestershire " by Roy Palmer ( 2001 )

Well,  the week ahead promises more,  even weather and a return to normal ( for the time of the year) temperatures. That  being the case, enjoy.



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