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When I 
I crave
solitary contemplation.

To reflect on
times gone by 
and ponder 
on this  day
before me.

Alone with
porridge, milk and fruit
all is quiet.

Slowly I hear  the sound
of the house waking up,
voices, footsteps and
the passage of doors
creaking their morning

How blessed to
feel healthy, happy
loved and loving.

Ck 21 /02 / '14.


@CTFCOfficial  Cheltenham Expects--- The stage is the pitch: The MC the Ref. Will you entertain? Not a tragedy of farce, but action with a good ending. COYR


Last Tuesday ( 18 / 2 )  D. and I visited Cirencester and in particular the Abbey Grounds, in the centre of town.
 Cirencester, like many cotswold towns has had its share of flooding problems; but it would rather be distasteful of me to dwell on this subject. rather we saw signs of early spring and delighted in the light which sparkled off the puddles and lake.

Here are some shots we took.

Hidden snow drops amongst the trees.

A view of the far side of the lake
Cirencester Church in background.

D. took this directly underneath .

Finally, here is a panorama of the Abbey Grounds.
I wonder who took this picture?


Isn't it pleasant to see a greater proportion of the day much lighter? February is often referred to as 'The Break Month.' So it is,  we see the first spring flowers and warming temperatures.
February has certainly fulfilled its name of "Fill-dike; " in rivers full and burst.

Enjoy the week ahead and keep your thoughts sunny and cheerful.


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