Landscapes( 0f the mind): Croome views.


Behind closed eyes I see
sloping upwards, a forest of pine
spreading out before me.
encased in silence in the
landscapes of my mind.

Colours in primary hue flash past.
Unconscious of my movement I speed
unbidden through the trees to gain
the higher ground and halting 
overlook the landscapes of my mind

It darkens. The Earth spins revealing
thousands of eyes twinkling down.
Leaning forward, I  fall  down meeting
 Stygian shadows with silhouettes of leaves
and vegetation Invading my peripheral vision
 until I land softly upon terra firma
 within the landscapes of my mind.

Where are the life sources? No sounds
penetrate the air until like a lily pad
opening I become aware of voices
which sing in the wind and surround me
unseen with sweet harmonies.
Pleasant thoughts content me within 
The landscapes of my mind.

Ck 22/10/'16

Words need stimulus to take root in the mind. In the above poem, it was as a result of  listening to Katie Gately's electronic album " Color" (sic). I liked the structures of sound samples together with  rising volumes of sound interwoven by voices.
 I liked her notion that like eyes, ears can also be attuned to the dark and begin to pick up diffuse sounds on the edge of hearing. I defer to the Late Captain Beefheart, who when asked how you dealt with his Magum Opus "Trout Mask Replica " replied keep listening until you get it.

Lastly I used Bobby Vee's song " The night has a thousand eyes " (1963) which referenced the stars in the night sky.


Yesterday 22/10)  D. and I visited Croome Park, a  National Trust  property in Worcestershire.

Autumn tints were to be seen.

New trees were growing.

The borders were looking healthy.

The ground was hard and dry

Splashes of colour illuminated the scene round each corner.

Inside a mock temple was an art display based on the park.

Two of the exhibits I especially liked:
' The Green Man'
'A Floating Leaf'

Lastly two views of the lake. The top one taken in 2011 and the
bottom taken yesterday.


My Fooball 'Birds'; the Magpies ( Newcastle United ) and the ' Robins' (Cheltenham Town ) are performing well. Newcastle are top of the Sky Bet Championship and lead by three points. Cheltenham, after losing points with a total of 7 draws have won their last two games in League 2 and moved up the tables accordingly. Good show Chaps.
Newcastle's great rivals Sunderland are at the bottom of the Premiership and have only amassed two points. Manager David Moyes' s job hangs by a thread.


Next week brings the end of October and the beginning of the dark nights when clocks go back an hour at the weekend. The weather looks to be calm and stable, so enjoy those autumn sights.

WiFi for now,


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