A trip to 'The Weir' ? Wye not.

Being a member of the National Trust, means returning to sites, to view the changes and generally to jog the memory.
Last week ( 14/09 ) I returned to the 'Weir Garden, ' five miles west of Hereford. It was a place I'd promised myself I should visit again, not having been there for many years.
The 'Weir Garden ' is situated on the A438 road which goes to Brecon. It is an unusual garden which gently ascends to overlook the curvaceous River Wye.

The above picture illustrates this well.

It is, it must be said,  a spring garden; although there is always something to see whatever  the time of year.
Because of the steep nature of the bank and now, I suppose, because of health and safety, much of the vegetation has overgrown on the layered sides, and it is the river views which excel.

However in spite of the swirling currents, this time it was difficult to discern the actual weir.

Here is the best 'Garden ' view I saw.

There was one new feature, that I hadn't seen before and that was the walled garden. It was situated in a corner of a field,  near the car park, It was a lovely Victorian type with rows of neatly laid out vegetables, including many marrows and two greenhouses, one with wondrous onions drying out.
There were some bright attractive flowers, as the last picture shows.

It was a successful trip out, and as always, I was impressed by the pleasant Herefordshire countryside.


On the last post, I mentioned I was reading " The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks " by Rebecca Skloot. I also furnished you with a link to discover about her extraordinary story. Good news came this week that,  opening in 2013 a High School, in Washington State is to be named after Henrietta, in recognition  of how her cells, still many years after her death, have played an important part in the understanding of diseases..
Here is a link to this.

As always, have  a peaceful, but fruitful week.



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