Watery Visions.

Just a short post today for you; mostly connected with water.
Here is a video of a Tall Ship entering Gloucester Dock.

Friday the 2nd of September, was a perfect late summer's day. The cloudless sky, allowed the sunshine to come through to a still day with hardly a wisp of air.
So it was, that I came to Buscot Village, near Lechlade to the banks of the infant Thames.

The picture above lends clarity to the brightness of the occasion.

I walked the bank from Buscot Weir to St.  John's Lock, where, if you remember Old Father Thames resides.

My final picture, on this lovely day shows  a cruiser entering the  lock.

You remember in a recent posting; ( More Flowing Moments  14/04/'11 ) I describe the first trickle of the Isis, near Kemble  and its  subsequent journey  to become the  Thames at Lechlade.
It is not surprising then,  that Lechlade is the start point tomorrow (5/9/'11) at 08:30 hours for David Walliams eight day swim along the 140 mile length of the Thames to London. This will be an incredible achievement, as at 20 miles a day, David will be doing the equivalent of 8 channel crossings.
Mr. Walliams is doing this swim to raise money for Sports Relief.

If you are on Twitter, you can follow his progress on #thamesswim or visit:


where a satellite link will show where he has reached in his river journey.

I sent Mr.Walliams a tweet  hoping that he will manage to boss Old Father Thames. Good Luck!

Finally on a separate theme, my daughter D. sent me this pic of another Tyndale monument, outside the Ministry of Defence in London.

I'm glad that this, exceptional man, who made the first translation of the Bible into English, should be remembered in the capital.

That's it for another week,

NR ' Game of Thrones ' by George R.R. Martin. Book one of the "  A Song of Ice and Fire . "
   I was hoping not to like the book; but oh dear It's compelling reading and there is another five books in the series. Goodbye Winter!


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