Why is it as we get older,  do the little things seem to bother us so much? Even approaching seventy years I still get anxious if I misplace my toys. I expect them to be in my designated space, when  even if I'm not using them at the time, I still know where they can be found.

This is irrational behaviour, but I guess it's just the way I have constructed my personal ' bubble ' over the years, allowing meaningless routines to become part and parcel of my daily life.

I mention all this because we have come to the season of Easter; a time of rebirth and renewal, when we, like the clocks move forward and begin planning for the Summer ahead. It is an occasion when we need to take stock and  reaffirm the important and eternal values, that really matter in ours lives.
Reaching out to our families and friends and comforting them when necessary and at the same time receiving comfort from them, even if it's merely their presence. Checking health issues and seeking to improve the quality of our lives and above all being grateful for so many things that sustain us.

So here's to those row of golden daffodils; the chirping of the dawn chorus; the wonder of the warmth of the sun and majestic sunsets; the swish of the waves upon the rocks; the gush of the waterfall; a win for our teams and the power of a human smile which can move us to tears.

God bless everyone.. Restore your faith, however fragile,

it will grow and have a happy, contented Eastertide.

Cheerio for now,


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