Round-up: Nearly Easter.

Friday 22nd March 2013

The flowers say it's Spring: the temperatures deny this fact.

The U.K. has Arctic winds, snow and heavy rain causing flooding and, oh yes flat racing has commenced at Doncaster today.

This time last year we were basking in temperatures of 21C and hoping for a hot summer; which as we know was also denied.

We are still in the church season of Lent and in a bout of self-denial, I have given up coffee for this period. This ends, for me this Palm Sunday, when Jesus reached Jerusalem and I look forward to raising a hot cup of roasted beans and toasting Holy Week.

My Late Father, had a particular fondness for a yellow floral tie. To keep this memory alive I have elected to purchase a floral tie every year and wear it for the first time on Easter Sunday.

 It has to be said, that with the modern appalling fashion of  wearing jackets and suits without a tie;  they have become increasingly hard to come by and, floral, well really!
Nevertheless, with careful looking and a trawl through the charity shops, I have managed a yearly update for the past twenty years and here they are:


Back in one of the better days of last summer, I ventured by way of the Docklands Light Railway to Westfield shopping centre and thence to the nearby Olympic Stadium.

The above picture was taken by a K., a visitor to the Games; but I went after all the Games were concluded and as a result entry was not allowed, as the builders and plant had moved onto the site.

But I am pleased to tell you that plans are well underway to produce here,  the largest urban park in Britain for a century; fully opening this time next year. Something to look forward to.
Read more:

Olympic Park.

I keep saying, but please keep warm next week as Easter approaches.



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