Magic Band in Bristol: River Views

This is my new T shirt, bought at a concert featuring The Magic Band at "The Fleece, " Bristol,  which I attended last Monday , March 4th 2013.

This was my fourth MB concert, that I have been to. The dates and venues of the three previous  being:

Shepherd's Bush  April  2003. This was the historic first time the band had played together for 20 years
                                                  since working with the Late Captain Beefheart (aka Don Van Vliet )

Royal Festival Hall  January  2004.

The Scala                 November 2011.   All the above venues, in London.

Here is my blog entry for the  Scala  concert.


In my humble estimation, the Magic Band have improved every time I have seen them. They seem very comfortable playing the material and totally engaged in their work.

This is a picture of John ' Drumbo ' French, Captain Beefheart's original drummer, leader and guiding light of the re-formed Magic Band. His autograph can be seen on my ticket stub.

Here is my mini- report of the Bristol proceedings, written to the ' Fireparty ' Beefheart  forum, to  which I subscribe.

 "They are a real cohesive unit and clearly enjoyed playing together. Eric Klerks (Guitar ) goes from strength to strength; his reading of ' Flavour Bud Living " was very impressive.

John 'Drumbo' French was the ring-master and showed tremendous versatility playing sax, drums,harp and guitar.
At the interval I mentioned to John how much I enjoyed his sax playing and how it gave the music a new dimension.
Modest,as ever he seemed pleased; but said he was working on his playing.

The band played some interesting selections; including 'Suction Prints,' minus drums; a very emotive Doctor Dark and a tender version of " Her Eyes are A Blue Million Miles."  I only really missed "Electricity ," from the set list. "

Eric Klerks

Mark ' Rockette  Morton ' Boston Bass.

Denny Walley Slide Guitar.

The Magic Band.

(Above photos, courtesy KB, who very kindly took me to Bristol And home )
Note: Craig Bunch played, more than adequately, the drums and is a fine MB member.

A great night out and a tonic for the troops.


Last Tuesday (5 / 3) D. and I visited Severnside at Epney, Glos.

Here are two river pictures for you.

Do you like the way the 'Tree Monster " gazes at the water?


Well, next week madness reigns; the Annual National Hunt Festival comes to Cheltenham and ' the craic will be mighty. '
May all your selections come in and  all horses get round safe and sound.

Me I'll take  ' Rock on Ruby '  for the Champion Hurdle and ' Captain Chris ' for the Gold Cup.
But hey, what do I know !



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