Magic Carpet Ride and Wood Words

The Road Goes Ever On and moving forward from Coaley Viewpoint I made it to Cam Long Down . On the way , I walked down a " tunnel " formed by trees and a path bestrewn with a bed of autumn leaves. It is in moments like this that one feels almost a tangible part of the environment. (see Picture 1 )

Whilst in these woods , I came across further examples of Tom Clarke's work , whom I mentioned in my last posting.

Picture 2 shows one of his cards.
It should be noted , that this is a much enlarged version ; their actual size being that of a postcard , which fits easily to the side of gates , marking the boundaries of the woodlands .

They are entirely unprepossessing and almost certainly overlooked , by the majority of the walkers who pass by along the way.

To me this non-intrusion , only adds to their value , as little items on the forest trail , no more or less important than a leave , twig or flower.

My walk ended , as indicated at Cam Long Down , which required a steep climb up-to the ridge which gave a splendid view over the Dursley valley. Next week I will continue the walk to finish in Dursley town .

Recently I learned of the passing of Bill Curran an elderly gentleman .

Bill Curran was a quiet , self-effacing person , whom I regularly met at the church I attend on Wednesday mornings . We always finish after the short service with conversations over tea and cakes. I remember some while ago our topic turned to walking in the Cotswolds , prompting Bill to mention that he had walked the entire Cotswold Way himself and it made me think that perhaps it was an enterprise that I could try for myself ; so now with approximately forty plus miles to go I would like to dedicate this walk to the memory of Bill.



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