Cam Long Down in Shades

The great thing about walking at this time of year is the variance in the views afforded by the changes in the weather.

I took this picture this week on Monday ( 10/11 ) of the mist enshrouded Cam Long Down; whereas the previous Monday , you can see the photo taken from the viewpoint of looking down from the edge of Cam Long Down , showing a vivid clarity , depth and brightness.

What a difference a week makes !
The rest of the walk to Dursley was interesting for two reasons.
Firstly , the appearance next to the Way of a new build " mushroom " shaped house ; with an integral garage underneath the "cap". I'm sure it had many green features ; we'll have to ask Loyd Grossman to investigate further.
Secondly , it is amazing how the town of Dursley lies neatly in the valley ; thus, one can , in a matter of minutes climb out out of the town centre and be literally on the Way deep in countryside with corresponding views to match.

In terms , then of the Walk I have now walked from Chipping Campden to Wotton Under Edge.
and in the words of my late Gran "face furren parts ".

I shall watch the horizon with care .



P. S. sorry I left this posting so long before concluding it .


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