For Sophie:

For Sophie

On the eve of the Super moon,
Before blood-red dragons would
Overcome the sweet chariots of
King George.
When September had walked 
Twenty six steps.
From two came one.
Sophie entered life's arena.

The newness of new
Miniature perfection
With tufts of hair,
arms and long legs.

Contented she sleeps.
Close to Mother,
Who ponders the years
Ahead with a family. whilst
Dad looks on with loving
Luminosity in his eyes
And embraces the miracle
of a daughter,
Sweet Sophie.


Well, I reckon after the shocking display the English rugby gave, they would be lucky to win this plastic cup.
Ah well at least we have the Irish, Welsh and maybe the Scots to cheer on in the quarter finals.

As usual, have a good week,
Cheerio for now


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