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Liverpool Saga

There was a man called Herr Klopp,
Who fell in love with the crowd at the Kop.
Seeing them saddened with desires flown,
He told them, “ with me, you”ll  never walk alone.

To the team he said" I’m a magician
I’ll soon rectify all omissions."
All hopes of trophies you must not douse,
I’m going to raise up the mighty  scouse.

I’m neither mad nor a German   fool 
and I  will  bring life back  to the ‘Pool.
From this moment on you will never be a flop,
I give you word - signed  .


Two or three posts ago, I mentioned the late Cornish poet Charles Causley.

The above book has always been a favourite of mine. I recently managed to acquire a fresh copy , having lost the  book  years ago.
It really is a marvel of a Children's book; being an epic poem about the arrival of a Trinosaur in a country town, told in 24 shakes.
It has beautiful drawings by Jill Gardiner and an introduction by Michael Rosen; who says of the book:

" Here is a virtuoso poem, full of delights, corners, originalities and surprises. Please read this pleasure-loving romp out loud, with plenty of cod accents and ham gestures. Your audience awaits."

Here is part of the first 'shake .'

"A VEHICLE bright
With flashing light
- To sirens screaming like a banshee-

Through the South Gate scraped
As the people gaped
And cried, excitedly, ' Can she ? '

And from Plymouth Dock
As the Town Hall clock
Emitted its usual quarter

There braked in the Square
With a squeak of air
A perfectly

With a wondering sound
As the crowds surged round
It was plainer
and plainer 
and plainer

That they couldn't decide
Just what was inside
The simply

Charles Causley ( 1972 ).

I cannot praise this book to highly. It's superb. Read it aloud and get carried away with the rhyming rhythms.



Once the mist has cleared on our journey today ( 9 / 10 )  to the Forest of Dean; the sun shone brightly out amongst the trees.

There was some colour to be seen

And some of the forest had been cleared for new growth.


From the English Training Camp ( oh dear! ).

Enough of this jocular stuff; let me wish good luck to the remaining United Kingdom teams left in the tournament; Wales and Scotland and of course Ireland. We need at least one northern hemisphere sides to achieve semi-final status.

Changing the code; a big tip of the hat to Northern Ireland for qualifying for the European Football championships. They last qualified for a major tournament in 1982 and a similar hat's off to Wales who only need one point to reach the finals ( first time since 1958! ) from their two remaining games.

So with England, Wales and Northern Ireland onboard, next year's finals is warming up well.

Enjoy the Autumn dry weather  for the last week before the clocks go back (25 / 10 )

Cheerio for now,


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