In Town Again: Reunion Time

Friday found  D. and I in London again.

The trees in Regent's Park, were in the twilight of their colours.

The lake beckoned enticingly.

Whilst Moor Hens appeared at the side.

The reason for our visit to the metropolis was to attend a concert at the Union Chapel in Islington.

This rather blurred picture gives a little indication  of the inside of this beautiful  building.

Union Chapel

The concert was given by Mark Kozelek, who also uses the moniker ' Sun Kil Moon. '
He played and sang a two hour  acoustic set upon guitar.
His musical talents can not be denied, with voice and guitar in a seamless blend.
However, for me he was rather self-indulgent and seemed so absorbed in  performance, that he lacked at times,  a communication link with the audience. He travels the world to play and so  should have been  able to talk about  places and  song lyrics.

It would have given a useful reference point to the concert.

But perhaps, I am being a tad harsh; for his playing, particularly when in flamenco mode, was excellent and well;  it has to be admitted, he did  perform my request "Heron Blue" during his encores.


As this is our Family reunion weekend, here is my little poem upon the subject. I hope you like it.

As usual enjoy the week ahead.



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