Snow's Good: Digitally Yours:Snowdrops, But Not Quite.

Last Tuesday (3 /2 ) 56 year's ago, Buddy Holly, together with Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper died in a 'plane crash. This year 2015 , on this day I awoke to a sprinkling of snow. It lay on our back yard and made a slight mess of the outside road. At ten 'o' clock D. and I set off for Tewkesbury.

We had only gone a couple of miles towards our destination , when suddenly all was clear and greenish again. A proper vanishing trick!

Furthermore, the next day we drove across the top of the Cotswolds and again not a trace of 'the white stuff' could be seem. It merely was a cold early Spring day.

This has perplexed me a trifle. The temperatures were close to, or at times under freezing point and yet no precipitation  occurred .  This weather is on the change. It's Snow-good.


Access my screen life,
In a hotspot.
You try

I write
You read.

I shoot
You see.

I video
You watch

Do you
Freeze me
And leave me 

Oh no
Not Slow-Mo!
I  need energising
Fast forward 

I point
I shoot

You receive
In a moment.

Memories may fade
But not in this
Binary landscape
Washed upon a
Cyber shore.
Ready to send
I am blogger.
I am ART.

Ck. 6 / 2/ '15.


Last Wednesday ( 4 / 2 ) D. d. and I visited the village of Lacock, in rural Wiltshire.  It is a time-lapsed place, virtually owned by the National Trust, whose picturesque streets and historic buildings are often employed as locations for TV and Film productions.

 Lacock has an Abbey set in the heart of the village with its own woodland grounds.
During part of January and until tomorrow, the Abbey grounds has played host to Snowflake themed sculptures.

In a day of piercing cold and psychotic blue sky, we paid the grounds a visit.

This one set amongst the cloisters of the Abbey.

Some of the trees contained mobiles which flashed and changed colour
in the light.

The shadows were impressive.

Two little pots framing  the Abbey House entrance.

Another Cloister shot.

The above wooden table and art work were discovered 
in the brewery outbuilding.

A shot of the Abbey through the trees. You can just pick out
the snowdrops in the foreground.

Finally an evocative shot of the Abbey taken by


Well, there we are, another week full of memories and events and best of all I believe the weather may warm up a little.

Cheerio for now,


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