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In those bad, old, days when apples only grew on trees and pictures could not be taken, but had to be drawn; portrait painters only  worked on commission  and therefore they tried to show their subjects in the best possible light, in order  to avoid rejection and consequent loss of fees.

Step forward the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell. He instructed his painter Sir Peter Lely, to paint  his ( Cromwell's)  portrait as accurate as possible and certainly not blemish free. I suppose he was told not to gild the lily ( Lely)  - Whoops sorry about that.

Here  is the resulting portrait.

You can clearly see a wart on his bottom lip and,  yes you've guessed it,  from this episode, comes the expression " Warts And All. "


In 1922 The Daffodil Cinema opened in Cheltenham's Sussex Road area. It continued showing films until it abruptly  closed for business in September !963. This fine art deco building became firstly a bingo hall and then to match other emporiums, an antiques shop.

Mercifully it was lovingly restored in 1998 to become the modern day Daffodil Restaurant.
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In 1960 the film,  " The Time Machine," starring Rod Taylor was released. It was a faithful adaptation of H. G. Wells' classic novel.

I mention this, because it was the only occasion that I visited  the Daffodil Cinema. My friend JS and I went to a lunchtime screening on a Saturday.

I remember it being very dark and dimly lit inside. We were escorted  to our seats, by the usherette , using  a low wattage torch directly above her ice-cream tray. It was impossible to gauge the size of the audience, because we couldn't see them; but from the rising cigarette smoke, there was obviously people seated somewhere. I remember thinking this was a real adventure in mid-day and also glad we hadn't dared to come in the evening!

There must have been a supporting film, but I have no memory of it. However I certainly enjoyed " The Time Machine " and became engrossed in the story.

I cannot find any pictures of the Daffodil to support my case, but I have found a small snippet of the film for you. When you watch it you may notice the almost sepia colours and perhaps begin to understand how it faithfully endorsed the dim auditorium.

Time Machine

Fast forward to last Saturday ( 21 / 2 )  When D and d and I went to the Daffodil Restaurant  in the afternoon for high tea.

As you can see it has ' all been done in the best possible taste. ' We sat down just in front of a guitar led jazz quartet and  happily let the music purr around us. The upstairs balcony, by the way has a cocktail bar, where you can partake of a drink and thereby calm your wallet's nerves.

As you can see, from the evidence of our top tier,  our high tea was very inviting indeed ,

A very fine venue, well worth a visit; but book early to avoid  possible disappointment.


Today ( 27 / 2 ) was very bright and sunny with a high of 9 deg. It really showed the Cotswolds to its best advantage. To finish this week's blog here are two pictures which I took at Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire.

Hello and Goodbye Ducky.

Have a good week and enjoy the arrival of March and St. David's Day; whose emblem is  - oh yes a golden Daffodil .

Cheerio for now,


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