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 Thursday 17th January

Alaska Warms:" Alaska had a frigid start to the winter, but it has experienced a significant January thaw. An “atmospheric river” event brought tropical moisture to the state during the past week, with warm air turning snow to rain and freezing rain as far inland as Fairbanks. The 0.10 inches of rain that fell in Fairbanks on Monday was the most rain to fall there in a single January storm since 1963. " ( source Treehugger). The net result of this warming will send arctic winds south to the states.  As a result,  the Inauguration of President Obama, next Monday 21st January in Washington  may  well be a cold affair.


From the files:

In a world of squares he was a rectangle.                                             
 If you gave him lined paper, he wrote sideways.
His words like the wind, rustled the leaves
 and caused patterns to emerge.

In the Mojave Desert, light shimmered,
shadows grew and creature noise
percolated the empty landscape.
This was the Captain's land;
Where music wasn't made,
but painted.
Don Van Vliet 1941- 2010
Gk 2010.- enlarged January 2013.
Humans have sun-cream; but Crows need ice-cream: here's the video.
ice cream for crow.

Captain Beefheart ( Don Van Vliet) would have been 72 years old last Tuesday ( 15/ 1 /'12 ).
He still manages to cast a big shadow over the musical world. Our wizard 'Web- Meister ' G. has just completed an overall of the " Captain Beefheart Radar Station " web-site. It has a more professional look with drop-down menus  allowing many choices regarding the Captain's life and work. Have a look for yourselves.      Captain's Log.

Friday January !8th

A quiet revolution in  the way we come together in living spaces is gathering apace.

In 1800 just 3% of the world lived in urban areas; by 1900 this percentage had reached 14%.

But by 2008 the world was roughly equally  divided  by urbanites and non- urbanites; with over 400 cities with a population of one million and 19 cities with over  ten million .
The projection for 2050 gives a figure of over 70% living in urban spaces. ( * source Population Reference Bureau ) 

With land prices likely to remain expensive;  many people will be living in smaller apartments; with a high level of insulation; in order to reduce escalating heating costs.
Therefore living space will be at a premium and storage will be a major issue.
Enter the 'download ' world. Apple, with its usual prescience allied to a canny marketing opportunity has built the new 'iMac' desktop minus an optical drive.
 The optical drive allows the use of CDs and DVDs; both for downloading material from and also for 'burning' music; photos and films.
The only Macs with such drives are the non-retina display Macbook Pro and the Macbook Pro.
The thinking here is that users will download their media onto devices, such as iPods, iPhones, iPads and MP3 players.
These devices will be able to be played on Hi Fi systems; either by physical attachment or by wireless (Wi- Fi ).protocols. Thus rendering  DVDs/CDs unnecessary.
As Apple devices will 'talk' to one another; downloaded material will 'appear' on them all. ( A good selling strategy; making sure customers keep buying from the Apple 'Family ' )

The growth of legally downloaded  music tracks is increasing year upon year. Two examples : Germany: 2011  94million - 2012 115million (source "The Inquirer " . )  Canada: Increased by 21% from 2011 to 114.3million in 2012 ( source " The Star.Com. )

So, in  the future most music will be stored on hard-drives and backed up on Cloud servers; freeing up space in our smaller apartments.

"Blockbuster " the national DVD rental hire firm, has just gone into administration. One of the possible causes is the increasing rise of downloading films via television or computer services.
Again, we see the trend; less bought DVDs equals less clutter.
As Broadband speeds keep increasing; retrieval time for all stored media becomes faster and faster.

As a net result of  this,   home dwellers will reduce  the physical presence of media in their living space;  freeing- up  space, leaving them to buy items which are personal and important to themselves.
A 'Downsiser's dream.


Saturday 19th January

Yesterday saw the first snow fall of the new year. The weather has gone decidedly chilly and the week ahead looks on the bleak side. So keep warm,   and await the thaw.


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