Playlists: Quick Pics.

Life is a playlist 

Life is a playlist.
A  constantly changing menu 
amongst those old friends
and family ties.

In younger days health hardly
ever made the list; except perhaps 
for that sprained ankle or 
sudden unexplained rash.
But now in my snowdrop days,
the list seems awash with 
blood tests and further 

There are dietary shuffles to.
Porridge has replaced donuts 
wine gums still makes the odd
appearance, but are largely overtaken 
By an expanding fruit bowl.
These days,  treats have new names.

My 'desert island disc ' selections 
Point to changing tastes.
Buddy Holly  Eddie Cochran
 and The Shadows 
No longer make my charts.

But after all these years  
The guitar still works
My emotional chords
The players may change
But my love of the instrument 
Has never waned.
Bring on Joe Walsh,
Gary Lucas and play
those tunes.

The love of family and friends
Memories from the past
Precious pictures which
stop time and capture
the essence of life.
These always appear
in my playlist; together 
with “Mandoline Wind,”
by Rod Stewart.

Ck 24/08/'16


Bearing in mind, we have had in the last few days, temperatures of upto 28C often with blue, cloudless skies, then the photograph below taken at 14:30 hours last Saturday  (19 / 08 ) at the Cheltenham Football Ground  is even more remarkable.

Floodlights on - even before kick -off.

Cheltenham ( The Robins ) were playing Doncaster Rovers in a League 2 game.

Robins lost to a scrappy goal at the beginning of the second half. They showed their usual determination, but were unable to finish scoring opportunities.

They will learn from this and continue to make adjustments at this level.


Two more paintings from our recent Forest of Dean outing  as  detailed in my last posting.


Some weeks ago D. and I went on a river cruise along the Avon from Tewkesbury to Twyning.

Start of the trip

The river bank with lily pad.

Heron Ahoy.

Something 'Fishy' going on.

An enjoyable little jaunt topped off with a beer at ' The Fleet Inn ' at Twyning.
Cheers everybody. Your very good health.


Next week sees the end of August and for schools a new year approaching. Forward into Autumn,; but not quite yet!

WiFi for now,


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