Under Starter's Orders: Good for Ewe

Well tickle my tulips; I am now within one walk of completing the Cotswold Way, which after all this time, seems somewhat remarkable.
The picture above, was taken from Prospect Stile, near Bath Racecourse, about three miles from Bath; the descent, into the city coming after the group of trees at the top of the photograph.

The walk, began from the Civil War site, at Landsdown Hill, by the side of a minor road.
The Way, soon reached an elevated position, still on the battlefield site, with good views over the valley below. The sky was blue, with only the lightest of breezes and the temperature a very comfortable 14 degrees; in other words ideal walking weather.

Having exited, at a gate, with Civil War flag emblem, the walk continued uphill by the side of a hedge,
until a more manicured aspect came in the distance; it proved to be a golf course.

After awhile the allure of walking  by the fairways and greens, watching the golfers performing their swings, began to wear a litle thin and I was beginning to harbour unkind thoughts, when to my great joy the path brought me through a gate upon a hillside thronging with sheep and lambs.

What a scene of rural splendour; especially when the panoramic views, were as good as any seen so far on the walk.
It was clearly time for a pit-stop with sandwiches and coffee.

Once refreshed, I made my way onwards and soon saw Bath Racecourse appearing on my port side.
The opportunity, dear reader, was too good to resist and so I ventured off-piste to investigate further.

As you can see the track was in excellent condition and riding on the firm side of good.

When my curiosity was satisfied, I returned to the Way and very shortly arrived at the aforementioned Prospect Style.
Bath, my friends awaits.


N.P. "Romeo And Juliet" by Dire Straits ( I'd forgotten how good they were)


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