Bath: Now Single Digit

Well annoy my anemones, my latest saunter along the Way, from Cold Ashton back to Dyrham Park, has left me but, a mere 7 or 8 miles from the finishing point at Bath Abbey.
The walk, itself was an engaging and satisfying event. Cold Ashton was a 'fearfully pleasant place' as the Late Peter Tinniswood,
might have said, dripping with daffodils, alongside neatly manicured grass verges, combined with a postcard Church and splendid Elizabethan Manor.

Note the grand, imposing roadside entrance.

As, one ventured away from this village, the Way made its progress down a ploughed field, in order to gain access to the A46 main Bath road.

This was certainly different terrain to the usual and was in fact copied later on in the journey.

Having crossed the road, the Way wound its path up a single track road, passing cottages, one of which was named 'Cornflakes'; a new version of Morning Glory perhaps?

At the conclusion of this short track, large undulating fields beckoned and the views opened up.
But, it was not long, before one dropped into old woodland, which was covered in wild garlic.

Once out of this wood, the path meandered cross fields until it reached the village of Dyrham, containing the National Trust property, Dyrham Park.

My photograph, is a view of the tradesperson's entrance, at the rear of the property.
Dyrham village, was stuffed full of characterful dwellings, waiting for the next Charles Dickens BBC adaptation. A high drystone wall encircled the grounds, as the road wound upwards, until the Way made its exit up a track towards Hinton Hill and Tormarton.
Once this track had finished, parkland came into view and I was pleased to find the familiar sight, shortly afterward of my end point, when I ventured forth two weeks ago from Tormarton ( see way off wonderland).

Finally, to endorse, the spring- like weather, here are some wild growing daffodils for you.



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