Light Relief

Like Life

Like life, dark clouds can enter
your horizon.
They overshadow places and events.
they reduce luminosity 
and foreshadow disturbances

Like life, time moves on
causing cracks to appear
in the gloom.
promising light relief.

Like life,  rocks of ages
begin to slowly erode
disfiguring their surfaces.

Like life, age does not remove
the eternal value of things;
the past may future
 in the present.

Like live, time is a process
Like water,  when it flows
gently all is well.

Ck. 26/06/'15

Images from Lyme Regis (no.1 ) ; Sidmouth ( no. 2,3, 4 ) and Beer ( no. 5, 6, 7 )


Watch out for those high temps next week. Enjoy the tennis and  #supportthegals in their football world cup bid.

Cheerio for now,


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