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Here we go again. A new manager for Newcastle United,  Mr. Steve McClaren appointed on a three year contract. This will be the seventh manager placed in control of the first team, during the eight year reign of the owner Mike Ashley.

In an ill-thought out process, the local Tyneside newspapers were NOT invited to the unveiling  of McClaren as new manager; neither the BBC; only NUFC media partners. This high-handed attitude does not bode well for the future, in my opinion.

Pros for Steve: Has lived in the area for the last fifteen years, since being manager of Middlesborough. This is the job he has always wanted- What took him so long?

                       He is now a member of the board. Ashley has stepped down. This means he should have a better hand in team recruitment and selection.

                   He has the reputation for being a first class coach.

Cons for Steve

                       Can he see through a job? Two seasons ago, as manager of Derby County, he guided them to the final of the play-offs to enter the Premier League. They were beaten by a lucky goal from QPR, having had the majority of the game. This last season having been at, or near the top of the League with Derby, he lost ground in the final weeks and didn't make the play-offs.

       I am  uncertain about his man-management skills. Newcastle need re-fashioning, with all the team playing for the shirt and having proven pride in the club. To do this he must create a player- leader; a true captain of the team; fully endorsing McClaren's philosophy and working to inspire the fans loyalty .

              He needs a centre-forward, big, bold and brave, who can command the penalty area and hold the ball-up. This is a top requirement and one that the new manager will be judged upon.

With next season's fixture list released on the 17th of this month, we shall soon see the task ahead.
In the meantime hopes spring eternal. Ho'way The Lads.


There are many elements to make a perfect day. The weather; the people; the arrangements; the location and so on.

When it comes together, you feel blessed and thank the Lord.

Such a day was the occasion of our daughter L.'s wedding to A., last Saturday 6th  June. The pre-parade went well, including  breakfast, hair, dressing up and taxis.

The weather put on a brave face and all were at the church to receive the Bride.

A very proud Dad conveyed daughter to the altar and the service went without a hitch.

Afterwards the sun peeped out to greet the new man and wife.

 "Throw those curtains wide
One day like this a year would see me right
Throw those curtains wide
One day like this a year would see me right "

  " Lyrics From 'On A Day Like This "
               by Elbow.


Our hedge in bloom.

The Lido open air pool open
for business.

Enjoy the week ahead. Royal Ascot looms, with its matchless elegance and the weather promises great sport.

Cheerio for now,


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