Major Message: Admiral's Advice; More Markets: Magic Band Again.

"Good Afternoon.
 Major Wyford-Clarke here, bringing you the latest news from ' The Manse, Upper Pensionville, Bucks. ' . I am reminded, by the Memsahib that the Winter Solstice draws near; a time of mulled wine, mince pies, and rent increases. Goody.

My man Baxter, brings me daily news of troubles in the antipodes, where our lads are being defeated by those Aussie chappies. Total bad show, what. Thinking of sending a crate of my ' Parson's Perry, ' as that native amber nectar is clearly interfering with their thought processes.

But, realised the other day, they probably need to de-tox, so will send cases of my ' Flowing Empire ' natural water with its label depicting a union flag in the sand, by the side of 'Margaret's Oasis. '
Perhaps this will help to stiffen the sinews and remind them of their proud British heritage. I hope so.

Personally I blame the fitness gurus, who have these men as thin as whippets, able to run all day.
Will someone please tell them, we don't want them to run; we want them to STAY, at the crease all day, if possible.
Aussies can't stand being bored; so a long slow-scoring innings, will really unhinge them and then they become vulnerable.
Well that's my  view anyway.

The ' Boy George ' has delivered his Autumn Statement and locked within its pages I noticed a very handy tax concession, if one embarked on 'Slacking' for Oil.' With that in mind I may well get some preliminary exploratory drilling  carried out on the estate- just in case, well you never know?

The Memsahib and I will be spending Christmas this year in Dorset, following our acquisition of a modest four bedroom holiday home on the Jurassic Coast.
We have managed to escape our boys,  Gordon and Winston until St. Stephens Day.  Gordon, will of course arrive with wife Melody and the twins Theodore and Jade;so it looks like beach walks with the dogs for yours truly.

Well the chronometer is showing time for tea, tablets and  a solitary crumpet, so I will leave you with a copy of our Christmas Email.
I bid you good day

Season's Greetings From Major and Mrs. Desmond Wyford-Clarke.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas/ Winter Solstice/ Hanukkah. (delete as appropriate)

May in 2014 your dividends rise; your costs diminish  and as usual your problems remain tax-exempt


@CTFCofficial Cheltenham Expects…. Can you be a centurion? Run and stay alert for 100 minutes? Don't give it away at the end. COYR


In last week's blog I showed you pictures of the Cheltenham 

German Market, being got ready for action. As promised here

are two pictures showing you the market in full swing.

On Sunday (  8 /12 ) D. and I were in Twickenham and there 

we saw a French Market.

It was a colourful affair, full of leather work, records and of 

course French cuisine. We sampled a delcious  apricot crepes



That same evening  L.; A. and I went to a concert in London's

Soho  district at the " Borderline Club, "  given by one of my 

favourite groups " The Magic Band. "

The club, itself was a very small affair and as we entered down

 the stairs, the small stage was directly on our left.

This was the scene, with the stage set-up, when we arrived.

The audience kept pouring in,; so much so, the not only was it

standing room only, but that was if you could find a space to


This badly lit photo gives one an idea of the crush involved

The three of us had our backs to the bar, which afforded us

somewhere to rest on.

Ever since 2003, when I was lucky enough to see them at their

first reunion gig ( first play in the UK ) I've watched

them perform five times.

This one at the Borderline  was the best yet. They were 

completely at the top of their game and furthermore

communicating their enjoyment at making music.

A truly magical night, which included a signed copy of

their latest CD by the two gents Rockette and Drumbo

left to right in the above photograph.


And so Christmas beckons us and brings the end of another 

year on " Curly's Capers. "

 I never plan to blog  'wearing heavy boots '

making contentious issues; no,  I travel light and trade in 

whimsey and humour.

As a blogger, I aim to record  our weekly record, to help my 

memory of events, times and places.

As a reader I hope you find the blog interesting and 

occasionally thought provoking.

Living as we do near  the lovely Cotswolds, there are always

photo-opportunities to be had and the odd verses to be 

written. D. and I are lucky and blessed and wish you all

a happy and peaceful Christmas and hope to be once more

on-line in the new year.





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