Ephemeral: A load of Pollards

I used to think ' Ephemeral ' was a ladies perfume; but I find now its meaning is of a transitory thing; which lasts only a short time.
This brings me to Snowdrops, which to enlarge on a recent 'Tweet", seem to be smug little chaps; knowingly being the first to welcome the Spring, but refusing to grow where mere humans want them.
Like good beers, they don't travel well
If you have them; cherish them and their yearly appearance, because when things come right, they do make a lovely picture.

This one, complete with giant 'moss-spider ' was taken in Sherborne woodlands, as was this wooden carved beetle.

The woods are in winter mode still; but they know that Spring is round the corner.

This week, I visited Croft Castle, in Herefordshire. Outside the "castle " main entrance I found these two impressive 'bookends.'

Situated near the Welsh borders, I think they were playing it safe, don't you? 

I was anxious to visit Croft Castle ( National Trust ) again to view its trees; especially the Spanish Chestnuts.

The above notice from the Tree Council, confirms the importance.

These trees are been subject to pollard-ization; that is to say where successive generations of branches are cut off to promote growth. This has left some remarkable trunk growths; which to my eyes look alien, but postively wondrous at the same time.

See what you think.

You can't add to that can you?

It's Ash Wednesday, the week after next,  and as a family, we're giving up meat for Lent. Reports and Tweets later.



N.P. "The King of Limbs '' by Radiohead.  Worryingly, like a wart it's beginning to grow on me. Perhaps I should take something for it? 


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