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 The last week or so has seen me travelling to places all connected to water.

Here, to start our watery odyssey is a picture of what, in former days used to be Tewkesbury Abbey Mill, now converted into flats.

Last Monday  ( 23/07 ) saw D. and I down in the Forest of Dean at Canop Ponds.

The large pond/lake is situated in the middle of the forest near Cinderford.  The weather made it a delightful day  for a stroll and picnic around this pleasant fishing spot.
The Trees were verdant in shades of green.

On Tuesday ( 24/07 ) D. and I visited the local Wetlands at nearby Coombe Hill.

We alighted from the bus and made our way down the hill to the Wetlands area.
The paths were open, so we made our way to the bird hide. The ground under our feet was soft, but manageable wearing our walking boots; but as we made our way to the bridge which gives access to the hide, we noticed that the nearby fields were flooded.

Furthermore the bridge, itself was also partly underwater.

Bravely D. shed boots and socks and waded through to get  these shots. Good girl.

 The water had unfortunately spoiled the crop of wild flowers; which should have been in abundance at this time of year.

Finally on Friday ( 27/07 ), we boarded the train and had a family 'jolly' to Bristol. We arrived on time at Temple Meads Station and made our way, asking directions twice, to the Harbourside.
Our destination was the Bristol Aquarium.

Inside we were able to get close to the fish, who swam in big tanks. It was a great experience; especially to see the  Manta-Rays and Sharks being fed; including plaice, which I had known were flat fish but had not seen live before. Here are some fishy images for you:

My final shot is of some red jellyfish.

I would really recommend this Aquarium for a visit. I doubt you will be disappointed.

More details here:


Finally after looking at water for a week, we ventured on board the " Bristol Packet" narrow boat for a 45 minute trip in the harbour; which was looking  radiant in the sunshine.

The quayside had a festive air about it and the former warehouses now have been converted into bars and restaurants.

Upon the packet, we saw many interesting buildings and ships.

This included, of course Brunel's S.S. Great Britain, the first Iron Steamer to cross the Atlantic in 1845; which she completed in 14 days.
We also spotted John Cabot's ship " The Matthew, " in which he and crew in 1497 crossed the Atlantic  and found the "New World."

Amazing to ponder, that you could dare to cross the ocean, in what seemed such a small vessel.

And that about wraps up the Watery Week.


Oh and one more thing; remember a few weeks ago, when I posted about our trip to Margate, I mentioned the delay on the return journey to London and my subsequent application for a partial refund.
Well guess what, on Friday a cheque arrived, which I duly redeemed that very day as part-payment for our trip to Bristol. The result, three returns for £9:15! Neat eh.

Cheerio for now. Enjoy the 'pics.



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