Reports: Cleeve Hill and Trains.

In spite of the generally inclement watery conditions during the past week; D. and I managed a short walk on Thursday 5th July upon Cleeve Hill, near Cheltenham. All as you might have expected  it all looked green and fresh.
I was interested in the marquees and tents visible in the bottom right hand picture. I think they maybe situated at Postlip Farm, near Winchcombe; although I am not sure what was taking place there; possibly a scout/ guide camp.
 Here are some more images of the hill,  the summit of which at 1083ft (300M) is  both the highest point in the Cotswolds and the county of  Gloucestershire.
The golf course, which competes  with the walkers has adorned the hill since 1891.

Cleeve Hill


The above photo is of a ticket machine found at Victoria Rail Station in London.

Having bought previously  online,  this machine,  scanned and then after authorising my credit card;  printed out my Margate Rail Tickets  for me.

This is a very useful way of getting access to my tickets, without the trouble of having to receive them through the post.
With all the negative press the train companies, seem to be on the receiving end of, I wanted to give praise, where due,  to the service we experienced upon our return journey from Margate to Bromley in Kent.

When we pulled into Faversham Station, our train came to a stop and we waited for further carriages from the Dover train to be coupled to ours.
We waited and waited and nothing seemed to be happening; until an announcement reported the delay was due to a passenger being taken ill on the Dover train, causing an ambulance to be summoned.

 After a further delay our train departed with a new termination point at Bromley; with restricted stops on the way; in order to make up some of the lost time. This suited our plans admirably.

It was not long before an official with a drinks trolley, entered  our carriage. He not only reassured us about the train's travel destination but,  as we had been kept waiting for so long, he offered us free crisps and cold drinks to keep us going. A very nice touch indeed.

Later we were visited by a ticket inspector, who apologising for the delay, told us that as the train had been over a half hour late, we should put in a claim for a partial refund on our tickets. He told us that the required claim form could be found at any of the stations and furnished us with the train journey number to expedite our refund.

So, although, we arrived about twenty minutes late at Bromley, through no actual fault of the train company, we felt we had been treated very courteously by South Eastern Trains.
Thanks to all concerned.

Oh and the refund ?   I filled in the claim, attached tickets to it,  put in the  post box and  am waiting for the response, which I'm sure will be forthcoming. Goody.


Our friend the Major is well and sends his roundup of news here:

Major words.


Glad Mr Murray had made it through to the Men's Final. After all the downpours, a real ' tonic for the troops. '  The great thing is after 74 years, being the first British man to make the final, he has already won, Whatever he does against Federer will be a bonus.
Tomorrow, it will be interesting  to view the audience watching the match. Only those with clout or deep pockets, or both will be there.

Have a good week; stay calm, Summer will arrive, I promise.


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