Special Floral Edition.

If I could:

I'd tether a moonbeam to watch
over your sleeping form.

I'd observe  your morning smile
rise like the sun on a cold
frosty  Cotswold day.

I'd capture your laughter
as you joyfully engage
with the gentle waves by the

I'd cool your troubled brow
with water fresh from
a leaping mountain stream.

I'd warm your skin
by  natural firelight
charged up by the heat
of smouldering forest wood.


To love and be loved.
to care and to be cared for.
Is there a grace more precious?
we will walk, not stumble
down memory lane
picking off  the days
like petals from the wild flowers
in the afterglow of
a life

Ck. 11/07/'12



Backward, forward
toe to heel; in soul
charge of my destiny.

Finding myself:
ravished by all the colours;
jostled by verdant stems
and led by floral scents.
Down the borders of the Johnston legacy.

To follow paths beaten down with
the passage of moving upon 
the straight and narrow
'through time future and time past.'

Excerpt from "Vita Brevis"  8/11/'03 and modified 13/07/'12. Ck.

Note: Major Lawrence Johnston ( 1871 - 1958 ) created the Hidcote Gardens  over a period of forty years from purchase in 1907.

The last line ' through -------- past ' is by T.S.Eliot. It  starts his poem " Burnt Norton, " which forms part of his 'Four Quartets." He regarded Hidcote with much favour.
Hidcote has been owned by the National Trust since 1948.


Walking down the Cheltenham Promenade last Tuesday 10/07/'12, I noticed how splendid the Imperial Gardens were looking and took these two shots.

They  certainly cheered me up after this continuing frightful weather. I reckon this Jet Stream is one of the Easy Jet variety; taking a long time to load and then moving at a very sedate pace.

Oh well,
Cheerio for now,


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