Evesham Scene: Admiral's Advice: Westminster Calling,

Today ( 29/3 ) D. and I spent a morning in a spring-like Evesham,where temperatures at one ' o ' clock reached 20C.
Here is a Spring celebration:


@CTFCOfficial Cheltenham Expects---
Shoot when you 
Come into your
Opponents' penalty
Region and
Exact goals.
SCORE Robins!

P.S. and they did 1-0 away to Hartlepool United ( Jermaine McGlashan )


It was a grey day in London last Wednesday ( 27 / 3) When D. and I and daughter L. made our way to Westminster Abbey, near Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Westminster Abbey Entrance

Westminster Abbey, the burial place of Kings and Queens and notable persons from the Arts, Music, Writing, Poetry and Science fields is a truly invigorating experience and although the cost of admission is £18 ( £15 Cons. ), a little steep indeed; the quality of the monuments and tombs, combined with the history of the Abbey, where worship has taken place since the thirteenth century makes this a special place.

Strictly no photography is allowed inside the Abbey; so I cannot bring you a pictorial log of the trip.
However there is a splendid free app for smart phones ( Android and iOS ) which exactly mirrors the audio guide which is presented to everyone for the duration of their visit.

The Abbey is a living church with daily worship and in addition on every hour, there is a pause for prayer and reflection.
My highlights:

The tomb of the Unknown Warrior, who died in World War 1 and was brought from France in 1920 edged around with poppies was a poignant reminder of the  men and women who gave their lives for us.

The Tomb of Queen Elizabeth 1, with her half-sister Queen Mary1 buried beneath her.
I found the cold reality  of these bodies a chilling realisation  of our island history .

Poets' Corner; with over forty writers buried here including Chaucer; Dickens; Wordsworth; Jane Austen; Ted Hughes and Tennyson. Many others were noted here;  being commemorated and not buried. In this list I was delighted to find our old friend from Gloucestershire the first World War musician and poet Ivor Gurney. Wonderful to see him being acknowledged amongst these great names of British literature.

Our visit concluded with a meal in the recently opened (2012) cellar restaurant ; bringing to an end a very full and engrossing day.

Westminster Abbey

Well, as I mentioned the temperature climbed today and bodes well for the week ahead. Caution, however for next Saturday brings The Grand National when the weather can be on the chilly side.
We shall see.


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