Apperley to the Severn

Walking down the Apperley Road, you will pass the duck pond, village green and then the War Memorial.

Now making your way, towards the cream coloured building, you will see a public footpath, running through a farm drive.

Walk down the drive until you come to a gate into a field. Keep to the left hand edge and continue down until you come to this point.

A stile  leads you down this steeply, sloping field, curving  to the right. In the top portion of this photograph, you can see the red bricked pub: the final destination of our walk.

This picture is taken looking up the last field, having crossed the stile ahead.
Again in this new field follow the path to the right to meet the next stile.

This one as you can see is a rather tricky stile to negotiate, having an overhanging tree in the way of the walker.
 Once over, make your way to the right leading through a gate to emerge on a broad track with the pub ahead of you.

Cross the lane and walk by the brown play-house on your right to  come to the front of the inn and also the River Severn, on the banks of, which you may recline, if conditions are clement on the thoughtfully provided seats and armed with a suitable lubricant, I suggest a pint of 'Butty Bach' watch the world float by.
Time intervals : whole journey from Swan  80 mins.
                            Farmer's Arms to Apperley 12mins.
                             Apperley to Severn             11 mins.

Remember the return journey is largely uphill.

Enjoy  your walk: Cheers!


Due to the nature of this blog-form, I realize this walk is in reverse order; for which I apologise .


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