More Flowing Moments

From Gloucestershire stones a wetness becomes 
a slow trickle:
modest, feeding from springs,
'til a stream issues forth;
sallying twixt meadows and driven
under lane and road.

Kemble, Ewen and Somerford Keynes
like watery solicitors rush by, 
without disturbing the flow
of baby Isis, until gravel pits
subsume the infant into
a water park bath.

Near Cricklade, bank order is restored again.
Ancient meadowlands wait for their Easter flowers
and in time fritillary of snake's- head  nod to
the coming river.

Onwards past Cricklade, in tight curves the slim river
forces through reeds and engulfing

Then at Lechlade,waist is expanded
and authority is assumed.
Isis is Thames.

Proud H'penny Bridge in toll position,
near long gone conjunction with
the Severn Canal
remembers  waggons and barges
laden with Cotswold stone and cheeses
 journeying downriver to
'The Smoke.'

Does  Father Thames, somnolent
in St.John's Lock, dream of days of
noise and dust,
sweat and rust;
 now that
 life  has become a mere pleasure cruise?





  1. Wonderful photos. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I visited yours previously, will have to take time to visit at least weekly. In answer to your question about Penn Valley Park and Liberty Memorial. The are several miles of walking trails in the park, including ball park, dog park and the Memorial. Many runners frequent the area.

  2. Thanks Regina,
    sounds like a really family orientated place; a green oasis.

    It's wonderful to sit here in the UK and see pictures from other countries.
    Thanks for bringing Kansas to my screen.



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