Avebury Manor: Spring Views

Visited Avebury Manor last week. This was the subject of a BBC programme " To the Manor Reborn"


Entry was by timed ticket. D. and I made it for the first time 11:00am. The party of cf.20 met for a briefing in the dove-cot. Here we were told about the experience of having the programme made here by the BBC. It fitted the requirements because:

1     Location - conveniently  close to London and the South.

2     House in use for the past 500 years.

Each room was decorated in the style of a period from those 500 years; with appropriate fittings and furniture.

Before we left the dove-cot, our guide used  a little reverse-psychology, by telling us that we were welcome to stay inside the Manor, for as long as we liked, knowing that 'hive' behaviour would move each group smoothly  onwards. Furthermore we were told to handle any of the objects, use  the furniture and take any photographs that we wanted.

Now to the rooms themselves. They were beautifully outfitted; but owing to the ' curse ' of the TV; they seemed fore-shortened  to my eyes; but that is a minor carp; it is clearly well worth a look.

Here are a few scenes for you.

When you visit, remember to look up.

You WILL sit on a four-poster.

And that Wallpaper.

Finally a view  of the topiary garden.


To end, as a tribute to our wonderful recent Spring weather; completing this week's pictorial display here are two pictures taken during a family circular walk on Dovers' Hill.
Next week I note it is getting colder again; oh well, it's the start of the turf flat- racing, so what can you expect.
Enjoy Easter.





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