Apple Pips:Chinese Pots.

there is not a great amount of news to report this week,   as the inclement  conditions kept D. and I
from venturing out much.
I did however master my computer worries and successfully installed 'Yosemite' Apple's new operating system for the Mac, last Monday( 3 / 11 ). It was a 5GB download, so a big chunk of data indeed.
I have to report, it went very smoothly and was ' done and dusted ' in just over an hour and a half.
The colours are  of the pastel variety. It has clearly been' tweaked ' and appears to run a tad more efficiently.
Apple released it, in order to accomplish their eco-system, in which Apple devices ( computers, phones and iPads ) ' talk'  to each other and exchange documents, music, photographs etc. Now I can answer my iPhone on my Mac. Neat.
 A virtuous circle of information.
I thought I might spend a few sentences examining two  of the  key Apple business policies:( for those not interested please move swiftly on to the next section.)

1 Give a little out, to get much  more back.

 iTunes, the main music app; which allows the user to  produce playlists by either buying from the store or importing tracks from CDs and then downloading to MP3 (pods) players or burning  onto computer disks. It is now in its twelfth iteration and has been an outstanding commercial success.
In its early days, the Late Steve Jobs allowed it to be downloaded onto the rival Microsoft platform and here's the thing: he gave it away for free, which it has been ever since.

 Although, at first iTunes ran at a  loss ,  it enabled the  future sale of millions of Apple  iPods, which of course were tailor made to work with the system. As the popularity of ITunes grew, the musical library expanded until today, when it is difficult to find any form of recorded material, which is not immediately available.
Finally television shows and films can now be bought, making iTunes the one-stop entertainment centre.

Similarly the 'Yosemite ' operating system, which I alluded to above, was also a free download, making it an easy choice for users to upgrade. By upgrading,  the security of the system is improved and thus  the overall  computer experience.

2 Constantly improve devices.
A key factor in Apple's success  has been the system of having device cycles, usually of eighteen monthly periods. By this means  each device is improved and often re-designed and appears as a new model. Crucially the price point  remains unchanged and they are mostly backward-compatible; which is to say that the  new software will still operate on the older models.

Apple understands that you cannot rest upon your laurels and wait for the competition to catch up. Improvement guards against stagnation and keeps customers happy.


Last Tuesday ( 4 / 11) I visited the Cheltenham Art Gallery/ Museum; now called 'The Wilson, " after the town polar explorer .
 I called into see a ceramic exhibition entitled " Ahead Of The Curve " which showed pieces of  contemporary Chinese pottery, fashioned in many guises, including very realistic looking feathers.
I particularly liked a series of wall-mounted plates, which  individually had part of a pattern, which taken together formed a picture . Very clever.

It was very difficult to take any photographs of the exhibition, but I managed to take this one of the museum as I descended the main staircase. The small white box, is in fact a showcase of Chinese products for sale, which include tea vessels and  pots. Well worth a visit.


I must  give my condolences  to my friend Kevin O'Neill, whose art exhibition in Cardiff  we visited last week. Unfortunately, shortly after our trip there , Kevin developed a virus attack which put him in hospital, where he suffered heart and respiratory trouble. Thank goodness he came through alright and is now resting at home again. Keep well Kevin.

Finally to end this shortened blog, here is a picture of Tewkesbury Abbey taken last Wednesday, at a time when the sun was out.
Cheerio for now,


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