The Banbury Cake

"Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross,
To see what Tommy will buy.
A little white loaf and a little white cake,
And a tuppeny apple pie. "

Today I went to Banbury in Oxfordshire,U.K. The picture was taken of the Banbury Canal, near where there is a  waterside  cafe, one of the few places where it is possible to purchase a Banbury Cake ,still hand made by Philip Brown.
This  recipe  possibly dates back to the 13thC. ,when crusaders returned from the near east with spices and sweetmeats.
This confection is now sent all over the world.
According to the wrapper  the ingredients are: "Wheat, flour, butter, sugar, vegetable fat ,vostizza currants , candied fruit , spices , natural flavourings and salt."
Let us hope these lovely cakes have a good future and are not condemned to the kitchens of History.


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