A view from the Shelves

Has your local Library had a make-over ? Ours has and it has all the right features:
It is completely unattractive
Books are managed in a haphazard way- little logic shown.
The front door opens to show the queue for the main desk- wonderfully intimidating
The front desk has all the allure of an airport checking-in reception- it values throughput and not thought put
Machines allow you to renew and return books -no humans needed - nothing to stay for.
Why , you may ask am I being so negative ? Let me enlighten you.
We don't want the world to realize how good Libraries are ; more borrowers means less choice for me. Libraries are wonderful and worth fighting for . I have read the entire canon of "Rebus" stories by Ian Rankin ,using the resources of the Library. It saves me pounds.
Heaven forfend  if a library is ever featured in a television soap. The cat will be out of the bag.
So please , let's keep this secret between ourselves.
NR -  "Timebomb" by Gerald Seymour ( a new book from the library £14+ saved )
NP - "Muffin Man "  - Jimmy Carl Black (RIP)


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