Biomimicry, treehugging and Wisconsin

This is the plate on the Tortworth fence, guarding that remarkable Chestnut Tree.

In the previous post , I posed the question:
What is the connection between the boxfish and Mercedes-Benz ?

The answer in a word - biomimicry.
This is the new science of copying , but not taking  from nature ( discussed on Treehugger Radio) , whereby direct observation of the biosphere leads to ideas in design , in building structures ( imagine architects taking biology lessons - it's happening folks) and in the case of the boxfish a concept hybrid car.
Yes , Mercedes have produced a concept car based on  shape factors seen in a boxfish ( pictures up on the web) and here's the really neat idea ; if  this concept car ever goes into actual production , a small percentage of the sales will go to support coral reefs , the natural habitat of the boxfish. So nothing gets damaged in the process - a win-win situation.
NP  "Re: stocks " by Bon Iver from the excellent album " For Emma , Forever Ago" . Suffering from a bout of sickness , Bon ( A.K. A. Justin Vernon) took himself to his father's cabin in northern Wisconsin  spending 3 months writing this lovely work . Go listen.


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