More Bollybronx than Bollywood !

Just seen "Slumdog Millionaire " at the local cinema. What a rush !
It really is a life-affirming parable ; directed with a real sense of pace and gusto .
The sound quality is excellent and the musical score by A.R. Rahman , complements the energy of the film. It is tough and uncompromising , but throughly engrossing ; but certainly more bollybronx than bollywood- go see this year's oscar winner at your cinema.

Moving  To football , today (14/2) Cheltenham Town play in the local derby against Hereford .
In my view ,  anything less than a win will not do .
If they lose they're  going down !

But today I want to point to the mighty Fort William AFC .
This is the team that does a service to the rest of the clubs . It "proudly" sits at the bottom of the teletext league tables; It has occupied this spot for many years , at the end of the Highland League.
Here is their current state of play :
Played  12
Won  0
Drawn 1 (a statistical blip)
Lost  11
Goals scored 6
Goals against 52
total points  1

So the moral is ; unless you are a Fort William supporter , there's always somebody in the football leagues worse off than you.

NP  " Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah " A.R. Rahman


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