Slumdogs and Glumdogs

Just having a lunch time drink at one of the county's finest, to celebrate the Oscars won by Slumdog - a good result.

As for glumdogs ; I give you Mowbray and Allen ( WBA and Cheltenham Town ,respectively )
who should form a duo and record " The Impossible Dream" ; 'cus that is what it's going to take as they guide their clubs towards the northern rocks and icy wastes of the lower leagues.

Life for us toons is pretty good ; we've sorted the ' moyes boys ' and are  sailing in calmer water  ; not quite the gulf stream , but away from the ice burgs of  'boro' country.

So another libation is called for -  Cheers everybody !
P.S. comments have been liberated , so feel free to throw us a verbal morsel or pasty .


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