Tortworth and the Treehuggers

Tortworth is a small village near Thornbury , close to the M5 and in South Gloucestershire.
It is noted for its huge and ancient chestnut tree believed to be between 600 and 1000 years old. The tree is in a small protected site near St. Leonard's churchyard , just off the main village road.
It struck me as a wonderfully English trait , that such a mighty tree should be stuck away in a field , with no visible directions to it or information , until you find an inscription on the fence surrounding the tree.
I learned about this tree , through reading " Meetings with Remarkable Trees " by Thomas Pakenham , the 8th Earl of Longford , who is chair of the Irish Tree Society.
Naturally I borrowed this book from the library.

Before I finish , a big up to Treehugger radio , a weekly  podcast from Nashville Tenn. ; introduced by Jacob Gordon . Our cousins from " the other side of the pond" oftentimes get a bad press , as gas-guzzling , energy spending and carbon footprint making folk.
Actually , what this programme proves is that there is a growing band of people , involved in green issues , which not only improve the health of our planet , but makes it a more attractive place to live in.
I'll return to treehugger next time ; but in the meantime a question for you :
What is the connection between the boxfish and Mercedes-Benz ?


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