Beasts on the Hill

Whilst walking the other day , I espied this interesting breed of cows in their own pen on the summit of  a local hill; they looked so incongruous in this setting , that I felt a picture was required.

Changing  the subject , I noticed how we were rushing through March and as I am some what fascinated with numbers , I thought that I would pass on two' special'  dates that have  occurred recently.
 A: Tuesday 3rd March 2009 ; which can be written as 03/03/'09 , or in mathematical terms as a square root  of nine  3x3 =9.

B: Saturday 14th March 2009 ; which some Americans saw as 'pi ' (pie) day. This , of course requires their way of writing the date , namely 03/14/09 which reverts to 3.141 , which I guess pushes the ' geek button ' a tad.

The date I'm looking forward to (D.V.)  Sunday 10th October 2010 , which I'm claiming as Digital Day ---   10/10/10 



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