Jurassic Coast goes 3D

Walking along a Devon beach the other day , when I saw this little chap there. I give you the Devon Dino.
By coincidence the book that I am currently reading " The Revenge of Gaia " By James Lovelock ; writes about this coastline , reminding readers that the section of path between Poole and Lyme Regis was chosen as a World Heritage Site and so named because the cliffs are sections through rocks that once formed the surface at the time of the great lizards.
I am largely convinced by Lovelock's
Gaia theory : being and here I quote
"A view of the Earth that sees it as a self-regulating system made up from the totality of organisms , the surface rocks , the ocean and the atmosphere tightly coupled as an evolving system ."
I also believe that his suggestion that nuclear power is the best fit to solve our energy crisis.
It is clean , reliable and very efficient in energy output; very different from those windfarms , which are noisy , harmful to birds , expensive to maintain and most germane to the argument have a low output.
Again , quoting from Lovelock , using 2008 figures ; " UK nuclear generating capacity (now falling ) 14,000 megawatts (21% of energy output ) equals 56,000 (1megawatt cap.) wind turbines , backed up by a capacity of 10,500 megawatts of fossil-fuel generators , for when the wind is too weak or strong ."
Clearly we cannot plunder our land and put in these 'white wavers' for such a little result.
Get real go nuclear Now !

Sorry about this rant , but I am concerned that in my life-time there is going to be a real energy crisis affecting us in the United Kingdom . I'm too old to see the lights turning off , honestly.
NP. "Gaia " by James Taylor.


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