Say cheese and roll

Today ( 25/5)  I visited the annual cheese roll at Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire.
 This ancient event  , comprises five races in which people propel themselves  down the near vertical slope chasing after a rolling cheese. The first person to cross the line at the bottom , in each race is deemed to be the winner and for everyone else it's a case of hard cheese ! 

With  the help from family and friend , I managed to make a circumnavigation of the course perimeter . This included a lung-busting ( well I am old !) climb up the hill (  one in three, in places) and  a virtual slide clinging to beech trees  and  hanging on  with gratitude to any passing sapling  I happened to meet on my way down .

It was very enjoyable and it is rare indeed , that as a mere spectator , I also felt that I had been at the races.

 I am  off , just now to make myself a cheese toastie after all that exercise.



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