Windless day at Bristol

Yesterday  (24/5) I went to see the West Indies play England in a one day international at Bristol.
It was a  cloudless , windless , perfect day for cricket. Unfortunately the ' windies'  seemed not to be in the mood for this occasion ; they were as lack-lustre as the Mexican wave , which hardly caused a ripple around the ground , however much individual members of the audience , tried to whip up the crowd.
The windies also seemed becalmed and yielded their wickets , without much trouble to some accurate English  bowling ; so much so that England won with twenty five overs to spare.

Health and Safety does not permit any musical instruments to be brought into the ground , so the only live music came from a " credit crunch " steel band who  had to  provide the carnival atmosphere.
Other excitements including the removing of an offensive instrument ; namely a plastic palm tree and the sight of a West Indian Batsman walking back to the pavilion , having just tamely lost his wicket being pursued at close range by a cameraman , whilst the sound of "always look on the bright side of life "  came forth from the speakers.

It was a very enjoyable day ; but the Windies will have to raise their game for next season , when they are due to play a full test series.


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